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Retirement planning, arguably the most important “prepping” of your life.

“Prepping” is an age old concept that has gotten a lot of attention in the recent past. How would we make it through a cataclysmic event and not only survive, but actually thrive? If you haven’t seen the rash of “Prepping” shows that have come out over the last few years, I admire you as you must be an avid reader or outdoor enthusiast. There are countless ideas on how to overcome disasters such as war, pandemic, financial collapse, etc.

But when we think of prepping, do we think about preparing for what will actually (hopefully) occur? Not a disaster, but one of the greatest milestones of your life, that being your well deserved retirement from the daily grind.  Retirement conjures up storybook images of travel, leisure, time with family… But have we put the pencil to paper to see if it can be achieved? 

Many of us are ill informed if not downright ignorant of our ability to retire, If you’re like me (In my forties with four kids) the thought of retiring is pretty far down on the priority list. BUT, it is never too early to prep…

Where are you with asset accumulation? Have you analyzed your income needs now as opposed to what they might be in the future? Have you prepared for a Long Term Care need? How do you want to spend your retirement?

 Having these conversations can begin the process of planning for a great retirement. Working with a trained Advisor can make the process much easier to track and eventually implement.

This article was written by Beau Williams, a financial advisor at JPJ Investments. Stay in touch with Beau by clicking the Facebook link below.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck